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Our mission at Jay & Jo Exteriors is to build meaningful customer relationships, community & environmental impact and stakeholder partnerships through a disciplined ecosystem approach within the Siding & Roofing industry.

We seek to add value and collaborate to achieve these goals, without substituting our integrity or values.

“We’re on Your Side

Jay & Jo Exteriors aims to deliver the highest-quality, most trustworthy and reliable

siding, roofing and construction products and services for our community. In doing so, we care to revolutionize the entire sales and service process – creating an unrivaled customer experience!

It’s simple: “We Listen, We Care, and we're here to help you". We want to benefit not only those we serve, but the communities in which we operate.

We hope to work with you soon.

Your friends at Jay & Jo Exteriors

Jay & Jo Exteriors Siding & Roofing Residential & Commercial Building

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